Meet the Trainers:

John & Julie Johnson

Paula Ansell

Jane Chambers

Jenny Banham

Beth Green

Maria Medhurst

John & Julie Johnson
John & Julie got their first dog together in 1996, a Rottweiler called Roxanne. Julie trained her at a local Club, obtaining the Kennel Club Good Citizen up to Gold level. (RIP Roxanne).

18 months later, having been bitten by the bug, John & Julie bought a male Rottweiler called Prince. It was whilst training Prince and encountering the usual problems with an adolescent male dog, that they sought out a different training school, and this change in training technique with Prince proved to be so successful that they were both invited to assist instructing in the classes. John then went on to work Prince in competitive obedience.

Since then, Julie and John have acquired an Akita and three more Rottweilers - Diefenbaker (the Akita), Tia, Tinker, Kitty and Dixie (bred by Julie and John, daughter to Kitty) - and between them, they train their dogs in competitive obedience. More recently John has concentrated more on IPO and has achieved IPO3 with his dog Tinker - only very few Rottweilers in the Country have this qualification.

Since 2006 Julie and John have been invited by the Kennel Club to attend Crufts each year and spend four days demonstrating obedience to the public with their two Rottweilers. They give two half-hour performances a day, and are available to allow the public to meet and handle their dogs to discuss competitive obedience, and also to help people understand the true nature of the Rottweiler.

Each year at the All About Dogs week-end held at Brentwood in Essex, John, Julie and a group of colleagues help to organise the Good Dog Diploma, and they also run the fun agility at the RSPCA Danaher Home for Essex Fun Day.

John & Julie are both fascinated by the similarities in behaviour between the dog and the wolf, and John has recently taken a wolfpack management course, where he was honoured to have spent a week with Shaun Ellis and his team, learning about wolf behaviour and actually interacting with the wolves!

Julie is qualified to assess dogs taking the Good Citizen Award, and she also holds Kennel Club 'Listed Status' which means she is also qualified to instruct dogs through the Scheme.

To have her own training school was an ambition of Julie's for some time, and together with her husband and two friends Paula and Lynsey, she founded the Training School in 2006, where it quickly gained a reputation as one of the most progressive and forward-thinking dog schools in this area.

Paula Ansell
Paula got her first dog (a Rottweiler) 20 years ago and whilst she considered him just a pet, she had trained him to be well-mannered and sociable. Since then she has owned 2 German Shepherds and at present she has two Rottweilers, a female called Jet and a male called Bo, a son of Julie’s female Kitty. Paula is currently training Bo in competitive obedience and IPO.

When Paula obtained Jet, her son Kye decided that he would have a go at training her, so they joined the local dog club where Julie was one of the instructors. Paula attended each week watching Kye doing his training, and was then invited to become involved in helping Julie with the classes.

Paula became so enthusiastic about dog training the correct way, that she and Julie decided they would break away and form their own Club. The Training School (because they both owned their chosen breed - the Rottweiler) was born. Along with Julie, Paula now runs one of the puppy classes and teaches the Good Citizen Classes as well as helping Beth on the desk with the administration.

Jane Chambers
Jane has owned dogs all her life and has always trained them to be well mannered pets within her home.

Back in 2005 Jane and her husband Simon decided to adopt a dog from their local RSPCA Centre and having passed the home check, came home with Sasha, a beautiful but quite troubled Rottweiler.

A friend recommended John and Julie to help with Sasha’s problems and they attended classes with her coupled with some one to one training. Happily thanks to their hard work and training, Sasha is now a delightful dog to live with and no longer displays the problems she used to have. She has also obtained her Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver award.

Simon and Jane became so fond of the Rottweiler that they now own four females, Sasha, Bessy, Katja and Daisy, and a male called Nemo. Katja and Daisy train and compete in Competitive Obedience, and Nemo, a son of Julie’s female Kitty, is currently being trained towards Competitive Obedience and IPO.

Jane became very interested in dog training and offered to help out at Blackdogtan, assisting Paula in her puppy class. Now, along with Simon’s sister, Maria, Jane now runs one of the puppy classes and helps out where needed in the Good Citizen Classes.

Jenny Banham
Jenny has owned various breeds of dogs including a Toy Poodle, Afghan hound, and a Doberman but in 1984 along with her husband bought their first Rottweiler “Zoe”, a breed that she immediately fell in love with and chose to remain with.

It was whilst training Zoe in a local Rottweiler breed club that Jenny was asked to become treasurer of the club as well as helping them organise their breed shows.

In 1989 Jenny bred her first litter of Rottweilers and became interested in showing and judging the breed. She has succeeded in breeding show champions and has very high standards on her breeding ethics. Jenny is qualified to judge dogs in both open and championship shows. She is available at the club to talk to anyone who is thinking about breeding their dog and wanting more advice and will also help anyone wanting to show their dog, although we do not hold specific ring craft classes.

Jenny currently has three Rottweilers at home, Norman, Ruby and Fred, all of which have attained the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme to Gold award. Jenny also competes with Fred at open and championship show level obedience.

Jenny teaches the Good Citizen Classes and along with Julie, assesses the classes at all levels.

Beth Green
Beth is Julie’s niece and has been mad about dogs all her life. She has two dogs of her own, a collie cross called Patch and a Golden Retriever called Millie who she is currently training in Competitive Obedience. Beth helps each week on the desk doing the administration and also helps Julie with the puppy class.
Maria Medhurst
Maria is Jane’s sister in law and first attended Blackdogtan with her Flat Coated Retriever, Gunner and later with her second Flat Coat Theo. She has trained both dogs to Kennel Club Good Citizen level and now enjoys showing them at Open and Championship Level. Maria helps Jane in the puppy class and also assists in the Good Citizen classes where needed.

Coming to these training sessions has given me more confidence in handling my dog.

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